Ticketing for you system designed for CS4280 project

Project maintained by ShawnLYU and maobowen

Welcome to T4U.

In this project, a online-ticketing system is developed, based on Java Web technologies. Users (customers, staff and managers) could browse movies, trailers and buy tickets. Besides, applying for refund and managing movie time slot are also implemented.

Technologies we used

The whole system is based on MVC, which is implemented manually without using Spring MVC or Struts, due the requirements of the course.

For front end, i18n (internationalization) is implemented for en_US, zh_CN and zh_HK.

To simplify logical calculation and usage of java in JSP pages, JSTL (JSP Standard Tag Library) and EL (JSP Expression Language) are applied.

Other techniques incluing Bootstrap and jQuery help to make the coding more efficient, and make the system capable of supporing mobile version due to Responsive Web Design.

For back end, database interaction is realised by implementing DAO (Data Access Object). Structures follow the standard way for development.

Authors and Contributors

In this project, ShawnLYU (@ShawnLYU), and Steven Mao (@maobowen) founded GitHub.